Our Services.

We obtain wood obtained for the production of scantlings from Polish forests, providing customers with FSC certificate.

At present, we specialize in the production of finger-glued laminated timber, solid laminated timber and glued laminated timber.

Oak scantlings

LITA: 600-3000 mm
MICRO: 6000 mmm

Standardowe przekroje:
72 mm: 86/115/145 mm
82/84 mm: 82×86/115/145
96 mm: 96×86/115/145


Oak scantings


  • 72 mm x 86/115/145 mm
  • 82/84 mm x 86/115/145 mm
  • 96 mm x 86/115/145 mm
  • 43 mm x 125/145 mm
  • 63 mm x 125/145 mm

Wood drying service

We also offer lumber drying services.

Volume up to 400 m³.

Windowsills and oak stair treads

All window sills and stair treads are manufactured to individual customer dimensions.

Kantówka dębowa

Service cutting of oak planks

We offer cutting of oak facing for timber, countertops and stair treads


3.7mm – 8mm wide
0.6 m – 2.5 m in length.

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